Few words about us


Coronatech prides itself in a good track record in safety

Since operation in 1995 we have not had any serious injuries on site or fatalities. Our major projects have achieved significant hours LTI free. It is part of our mission statement to execute quality projects that match our client expectations without compromise to safety and environmental management.

To achieve these goals we adopt typically to AS 4801 OHS management systems and SANS OHS Act of 1993/2012, in addition to this we comply with each specific countries mining and construction safety regulations. Wherever we are working as it’s a requirement of all employees to adopt and to adhere to our safety and management plan.

We believe safety is an attitude that we install positively to all our employees on appointment. This creates a culture of hazard analysis performed by each employee prior and during all construction activities.

All our staff work together with client appointed safety officers and employees are inducted accordingly as per site requirement to ensure our targeted worked injury free hours are achieved as envisaged prior to project commencement.